Petals Paradise




Lana Headley-Robinson

Breathtaking, glorious and captivating. You brought tears to my eyes when you walked in with the bridemaids’ bouquets not to mention my bouquet and the tears kept flowing….. When we first saw the wonderful floral arrangements which you created for our wedding and reception, I was searching for adjectives to describe the floral masterpieces on the head table, the centerpieces on the guest tables which created an elegant environment for each table, and not to mention the arrangements adorning the aisle. Each arrangement reeked of class and style and was precisely what we wanted. Words cannot describe how happy we are with the beautiful floral arrangements which you created for our wedding. We were beyond thrilled to see everything on our big day. The words Thank You cannot express our feelings. In addition, I was genuinely impressed with the professionalism of the staff, and the constant contact that was maintained by you. We were pleased with the outcome of the wedding arrangements. Everything that was promised to us was delivered, and I could not have been happier and to think I was unsure in the beginning as to what to expect as I was overseas and was trying to make it work long distance. In closing, we would like to thank you for your artistry, professionalism, as well as your generosity for making our day special.

Linda Castellanos

Thank you Robert for making our destination wedding in Barbados so memorable and colorful and classic. From the Welcome Dinner to St John Parish Church then to finish at the Crane Resort outdoor cocktail events, your vision and talent for spotlights and visual splendor really added that sophistication that Barbados offers to any landscape – indoor or outdoors. Phil and I impressed our 50 + American wedding guests who had never been to Barbados and wanted to feel the magical flora and starry mystical evenings of Barbados. Your natural talents illustrate your spirit and true love for your unique craft. THANK YOU and keep up the hard work!

Tyesha Standard-Joiner

I saw Roberts’ work at Sandy Lane Resort prior to my wedding. It was wonderful, however it was on a large scale and not personable. Coming from the states, I wasn’t sure if Robert and his team would be able to capture the look that I wanted with regards to details including but not limited to: sophistication, elegance, sassiness and class, while still including my husband and I personalities, something I know I could get in the states. My wedding was at Sandy Lane Resort and I wanted my décor to match the exquisite elegant ambiance that the hotel already offers. Well, I am here to testify that Robert is amazing and there is no inaccuracy that he is the prominent florist in Barbados. After having a very lengthy conversation with Robert and the wedding coordinator, the cost of importing the flowers I wanted for my wedding were astronomical. We started to look at an alternative plan; yes we went with “Silk Flowers”. Robert listened to what I wanted my day to look like and he began his creative magic. Robert and his team made the silk flowers look like real flowers, totally mind blowing. When I saw Roberts work, I was blown away. It was undeniably astonishing. Some of my guest who are in the floral/event planning industry where so impressed that Robert was able to deliver such quality flowers and make them look like master pieces, only to find out they were “Silk Flowers”. My guest couldn’t stop talking about my bouquet, the centerpieces, and decor on the tables, decor at the entrance, cocktail hour, they even talked about the men’s buttoners. Only gifted, creative artists possess the skill to take bride visions and transform it into her reality. Robert is that artist. Brides can be difficult and emotional at times. I am here to say, Robert is patient and understands the emotional process that goes along with a bride’s special day. He keeps smiling throughout all the changes and continues to give support to the bride throughout the whole process. I want to thank Robert and his team. You did an exceptional job. I felt like I was back in the states. You’re an amazing person in and out and Roc and I wish you all the best with Petals Paradise and in all your future endeavors.

Gay Smith

I have known Robert for many years,while he has been working wonders with his creative arrangements at the Sandy Lane Hotel. His design aptitude is amazing and many guests remark on his beautiful floral displays. he is a very talented individual and has been indispensable to me in my own home. he has used his creative skills in beautiful displays for several dinners and many parties,including floral arrangements for a wedding ceremony and birthday celebration at the famous Country Club, using some of the wonderful props he has at his disposal to enhance his magnificent displays. Over the years i have received many compliments from my friends on how perfect the tables look at these events. Thank you Robert for being a good friend and the best floral artist I could ever wish to meet. Wishing you every success for the future with your business Petals Paradise.

Masterplan Events

I used Robert as the florist for my wedding in April 2013 at St James church and St Nicholas Abbey and I can’t fault him!!! Robert was a pleasure to work with – he is calm, fun, patient, understanding and a joy for any bride to be around. Robert has the most amazing creativity and working with him on the whole design process was the most fun part of my wedding planning. His extensive international travel and repertoire of clients means he is at the cutting edge of trends and designs. He also has fantastic sophisticated vases, candelabra’s etc which are not found anywhere else on the island. On the day we had a sit down dinner for 200 people and robert delivered 110%. He is a true perfectionist and incredibly professional. Everyone mentioned the flowers at my wedding, he totally understood what I wanted to create and delivered with ease. For me the key to Robert is he takes the time to listen and understand his client and he is so diverse and talented he is able to deliver the client’s vision. But if you don’t know one flower from the other Robert can definitely be relied upon to propose beautiful ideas! Robert is fantastic and we will definitely be using him again. He is most certainly the top florist on the island.

Thrisha Chothia

Robert and his Team did a fantastic job creating a Indian Wedding Decor & Stage Background. His team was professional and courteous and ensured that the entire set up and breakdown was on time. No request was too small or large for Robert and was willing to meet with the client to discuss ideas. Although, this was the first Indian Wedding that Robert and his team did, the work was perfectly fitting for the event and the client was completely blown away with the detail and grandeur of the decor!!!! Thank you for your hard work and vision!!!!! I love the vision!!!!!

Jill Roseman

I cannot praise Robert highly enough for the incredible job he did my for my son and his wife’s vowel renewal ceremony at the Sandy Lane Hotel. I was the planner and am so grateful that I had Robert to work with. My daughter-in-law had a vision of being completely surrounded by beautiful, elegant flowers and Robert totally understood her vision. He listened patiently to us and got to know exactly what she wanted. The flowers she had in mind would have needed to be imported at huge expense and Robert showed us local alternatives that proved to be even more beautiful than the original plan. Robert worked so hard, he arranged for columns and urns to arrange the flowers and spent all day preparing the area. When we saw the finished display for the first time we were overwhelmed with how incredibly beautiful and romantic it looked, it totally exceeded our expectation. Robert has great flair and amazing creative vision and I recommend him to anyone looking for a florist in paradise.

David Beahm, Founder, David Beahm Design

Robert, I wanted to thank you and your amazing crew for stepping up and handling everything we threw at you during our events at Sandy Lane recently. I need you to know how much we appreciate all your hard work. We approached this project knowing that the size and scope of the events would be a major challenge, but you made sure that I, my crew, and most importantly, my client, were all taken really good care of. I was impressed by not only, your ability to organize the many points of logistics that we presented, but you also shared your wonderful artistic abilities. Your work for us turned out beautifully and our clients were so pleased. Also, being able to use many of your props helped us watch our client’s bottom line budget. We look forward to coming back to work with you and your team real soon – and to welcoming you to New York to work with us anytime you’d like.

Christina Matteucci / Executive Director, David Beahm Desitinations

Petals Paradise is, simply put, a go-to resource for special event décor on the island of Barbados. Having been immersed in the world of special events for well over 12 years with david beahm design – I’ve come to understand that memorable event décor is the sum of many parts. From a diverse selection of specialty décor items; to a network of resourceful on-island event professionals; to a talented and forward-thinking floral team; Robert Carter and Petals Paradise meet and exceed expectations on every front.

Yvette Holder

I first met Robert in 2008 at Sandy Lane and was very impressed with his creativity. I made a silent promise that Robert had to be the florist if my son ever got married. Fast forward to May 25, 2013 Robert displayed his creativity and his passion for excellence with his “one-of-a-kind” arrangements at my son’s wedding. I am thankful to God for Robert’s gift, his humility and his ability to remain calm and composed when the pressure is on. He brings the “wow” factor to anything he touches and I can only assume that his mantra must be, “only the best is good enough”! “Petals Paradise, go out there and stake your claim as being the Best of the Best!

Banks Holdings Ltd

Exceptional service and exquisite arrangements, these are the two best descriptors for our friends at Petal Paradise. This company was used for the first time at our recent CEO’s Award of Excellence and there were many great comments about the floral arrangements provied by Robert. He delivered as promised which is an excellent quality to have in this field and for us at BHL that was a plus in our book. Great Job Robert!

Sarah & David

We loved all of the decorations and flowers. Our colors were orange and pink, he had swatches of the exact color and we wanted the arrangements to match as best as possible. We loved everything about every decoration and let me tell you I am very picky, but had nothing bad to say about the decor and flowers. I highly recommend everything about this company. If I lived closer I would use them for everything. Beautiful, spectacular work down to every detail. Nothing was missed and everything was ready on time.

Shane & Saf

Dearest Robert, Shane and I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work, creativity and flexibility. Your attention to detail and designs truly made our reception magical. We appreciate you taking the time to learn what was important to us and you exceeded our expectations by far. We would not hesitate to recommend you to our friends and wish you continued success. Thank you again!

Dina L.

I can’t give Robert enough praise and credit on how he went beyond my expectations and delivered the wow factor for my wedding. He’s a visionary artist through and through, an adviser, listener, and in the end, a trusted friend. I used his services for my destination wedding in Barbados and had to communicate with him via email and phone. Even with this obstacle, we were able to have very productive meetings. He helped me choose the color schemes, and was very proactive with suggestions of decor. He had a whole-picture view from the beginning, taking into account: the weather, lighting, the ambiance I was going for. This determined every detail from the flowers, vases, and how he utilized them into his decor and his own lighting. He was patient and ready to listen when I had second thoughts, but more importantly, he was just as excited as me to deliver. On the day of the wedding, I kept marveling at how creative he was and his standards of quality. The flowers were so fresh, they lasted for days. My bouquet lasted in the Barbados heat for more than 5 days (out of water), and looked as fresh as it did on the of the wedding. My guests were so delighted with the flowers, that they too took bouquets back, and they too said they’ve never had flowers that lasted so long. And his creativity shined through. The ceremony, cocktail, and reception area wowed everyone. I have many friends who’ve work in the art and fashion industry in LA and NYC, and who have managed A-list galas. They never saw anything like what they did at the wedding. They kept asking me if I was the one who came up with the concept, as they’ve never seen any florist deliver on such creativity. I couldn’t take the credit, because truly, the floral and lighting work was all Robert. In fact, without exaggeration, both my ceremony and reception were delayed for over half an hour because my guests wouldn’t sit down due to posing and taking photos in front of the key floral works. In my memories, the wedding day is filled with such beautiful color, and I know Robert played was a key part in making the day truly memorable. He was wonderful to work with because of his enthusiasm, his dedication to quality and taste. It’s always a pleasure to work with a person who is a listener, adviser, and an artist – and that’s what Robert is. Thank you Robert!